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  1. Photo of Baker Bloodworth

    Baker Bloodworth Producer

  2. Photo of David Furnish

    David Furnish Producer

  3. Photo of Rob Sprackling

    Rob Sprackling Screenplay

  4. Photo of John R. Smith

    John R. Smith Screenplay

  5. Photo of Andy Riley

    Andy Riley Screenplay

  6. Photo of Kevin Cecil

    Kevin Cecil Screenplay

  7. Photo of Kelly Asbury

    Kelly Asbury Screenplay, Director

  8. Photo of Steve Hamilton Shaw

    Steve Hamilton Shaw Screenplay, Producer

  9. Photo of Mark Burton

    Mark Burton Screenplay

  10. Photo of Emily Cook

    Emily Cook Screenplay

  11. Photo of Kathy Greenberg

    Kathy Greenberg Screenplay

  12. Photo of William Shakespeare

    William Shakespeare Screenplay

  13. Photo of James McAvoy

    James McAvoy Cast

  14. Photo of Emily Blunt

    Emily Blunt Cast

  15. Photo of Ashley Jensen

    Ashley Jensen Cast

  16. Photo of Matt Lucas

    Matt Lucas Cast

  17. Photo of Jim Cummings

    Jim Cummings Cast

  18. Photo of Michael Caine

    Michael Caine Cast

  19. Photo of Maggie Smith

    Maggie Smith Cast

  20. Photo of Jason Statham

    Jason Statham Cast

  21. Photo of Ozzy Osbourne

    Ozzy Osbourne Cast

  22. Photo of Patrick Stewart

    Patrick Stewart Cast

  23. Photo of Stephen Merchant

    Stephen Merchant Cast

  24. Photo of Julie Walters

    Julie Walters Cast

  25. Photo of Richard Wilson

    Richard Wilson Cast

  26. Photo of Dolly Parton

    Dolly Parton Cast

  27. Photo of Hulk Hogan

    Hulk Hogan Cast

  28. Photo of Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga Cast

  29. Photo of Catherine Apple

    Catherine Apple Editing

  30. Photo of Karen deJong

    Karen deJong Production Design

  31. Photo of Andrew Woodhouse

    Andrew Woodhouse Production Design

  32. Photo of Chris Bacon

    Chris Bacon Music

  33. Photo of James Newton Howard

    James Newton Howard Music

  34. Photo of Elton John

    Elton John Music, Executive Producer

  35. Photo of Bernie Taupin

    Bernie Taupin Music

  36. Photo of Glenn Fremantle

    Glenn Fremantle Sound