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  1. Photo of May Spils

    May Spils Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Werner Enke

    Werner Enke Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of Rüdiger Leberecht

    Rüdiger Leberecht Screenplay

  4. Photo of Uschi Glas

    Uschi Glas Cast

  5. Photo of Henry Von Lyck

    Henry Von Lyck Cast

  6. Photo of Inge Marschall

    Inge Marschall Cast

  7. Photo of Helmut Brasch

    Helmut Brasch Cast

  8. Photo of Joachim Schneider

    Joachim Schneider Cast

  9. Photo of Fritz Schuster

    Fritz Schuster Cast

  10. Photo of Johannes Buzalski

    Johannes Buzalski Cast

  11. Photo of Horst Pasderski

    Horst Pasderski Cast

  12. Photo of Edith Volkmann

    Edith Volkmann Cast

  13. Photo of Martin Lüttge

    Martin Lüttge Cast

  14. Photo of Erwin Dietzel

    Erwin Dietzel Cast

  15. Photo of Li Bonk

    Li Bonk Cast

  16. Photo of Barbara Schütz

    Barbara Schütz Cast

  17. Photo of Günter Strigel

    Günter Strigel Cast

  18. Photo of Peter Tambosi

    Peter Tambosi Cast

  19. Photo of Ursula Bode

    Ursula Bode Cast

  20. Photo of Klaus König

    Klaus König Cinematography

  21. Photo of Kristian Schultze

    Kristian Schultze Music

  22. Photo of Peter Schamoni

    Peter Schamoni Producer

  23. Photo of Ulrike Froehner

    Ulrike Froehner Editing

  24. Photo of Clemens Brendel

    Clemens Brendel Sound

  25. Photo of Horst Weiser

    Horst Weiser Sound