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  1. Photo of Enzo Barboni

    Enzo Barboni Director

  2. Photo of Marco Barboni

    Marco Barboni Screenplay

  3. Photo of Josi W. Konski

    Josi W. Konski Producer

  4. Photo of Franco Micalizzi

    Franco Micalizzi Music

  5. Photo of Ben McDermott

    Ben McDermott Cinematography

  6. Photo of Klaus Kolb

    Klaus Kolb Production Design

  7. Photo of Daniele Quadroli

    Daniele Quadroli Sound

  8. Photo of Eugene Ballaby

    Eugene Ballaby Editing

  9. Photo of Terence Hill

    Terence Hill Cast

  10. Photo of Bud Spencer

    Bud Spencer Cast

  11. Photo of Buffy Dee

    Buffy Dee Cast

  12. Photo of David Huddleston

    David Huddleston Cast

  13. Photo of Riccardo Pizzuti

    Riccardo Pizzuti Cast

  14. Photo of Faith Minton

    Faith Minton Cast

  15. Photo of Dan Rambo

    Dan Rambo Cast

  16. Photo of Susan Teesdale

    Susan Teesdale Cast

  17. Photo of Dan Fitzgerald

    Dan Fitzgerald Cast

  18. Photo of Al Nestor

    Al Nestor Cast

  19. Photo of Christine Troples

    Christine Troples Cast

  20. Photo of Woody Woodbury

    Woody Woodbury Cast

  21. Photo of George Coutoupis

    George Coutoupis Cast

  22. Photo of Darcy Shean

    Darcy Shean Cast

  23. Photo of Giancarlo Bastianoni

    Giancarlo Bastianoni Cast

  24. Photo of Harold Bergman

    Harold Bergman Cast

  25. Photo of Alex Edlin

    Alex Edlin Cast

  26. Photo of Joe Hess

    Joe Hess Cast

  27. Photo of Mal Jones

    Mal Jones Cast

  28. Photo of Jeff Moldovan

    Jeff Moldovan Cast

  29. Photo of Raffaele Mottola

    Raffaele Mottola Cast

  30. Photo of Joey Silvera

    Joey Silvera Cast

  31. Photo of Paul Tenn

    Paul Tenn Cast