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  1. Photo of Pascale Bailly

    Pascale Bailly Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Alain Tasma

    Alain Tasma Screenplay

  3. Photo of Marcia Romano

    Marcia Romano Screenplay

  4. Photo of Georges Benayoun

    Georges Benayoun Producer

  5. Photo of Christine Gozlan

    Christine Gozlan Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Françoise Guglielmi

    Françoise Guglielmi Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Alain Sarde

    Alain Sarde Producer

  8. Photo of Stéphane Malca

    Stéphane Malca Music

  9. Photo of Fabrice Naud

    Fabrice Naud Music

  10. Photo of Antoine Roch

    Antoine Roch Cinematography

  11. Photo of Lise Beaulieu

    Lise Beaulieu Editing

  12. Photo of Jean-Pierre Viguie

    Jean-Pierre Viguie Editing

  13. Photo of Denis Mercier

    Denis Mercier Production Design

  14. Photo of Audrey Tautou

    Audrey Tautou Cast

  15. Photo of Edouard Baer

    Edouard Baer Cast

  16. Photo of Julie Depardieu

    Julie Depardieu Cast

  17. Photo of Catherine Jacob

    Catherine Jacob Cast

  18. Photo of Philippe Laudenbach

    Philippe Laudenbach Cast

  19. Photo of Cathy Verney

    Cathy Verney Cast

  20. Photo of Anna Koch

    Anna Koch Cast

  21. Photo of Max Tzwangue

    Max Tzwangue Cast

  22. Photo of Mathieu Demy

    Mathieu Demy Cast

  23. Photo of Atmen Kelif

    Atmen Kelif Cast

  24. Photo of Nelly Camara

    Nelly Camara Cast

  25. Photo of Bruno Slagmulder

    Bruno Slagmulder Cast

  26. Photo of Lucien Melki

    Lucien Melki Cast

  27. Photo of Thierry Neuvic

    Thierry Neuvic Cast