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  1. Photo of Amir Chamdin

    Amir Chamdin Director, Cast Screenplay

  2. Photo of Erik Eger

    Erik Eger Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Nina Persson

    Nina Persson Cast

  4. Photo of Janne Carlsson

    Janne Carlsson Cast

  5. Photo of Tito Pencheff

    Tito Pencheff Cast

  6. Photo of Hassan Brijany

    Hassan Brijany Cast

  7. Photo of Georgi Staykov

    Georgi Staykov Cast

  8. Photo of Sunil Munshi

    Sunil Munshi Cast

  9. Photo of Alexander Karim

    Alexander Karim Cast

  10. Photo of Kalle Josephson

    Kalle Josephson Cast

  11. Photo of Claes Haertelius

    Claes Haertelius Cast

  12. Photo of Julia Alenius

    Julia Alenius Cast

  13. Photo of Meliz Karlge

    Meliz Karlge Cast

  14. Photo of Crille Forsberg

    Crille Forsberg Cinematography

  15. Photo of Nathan Larson

    Nathan Larson Music

  16. Photo of Robert Bohman

    Robert Bohman Production Design

  17. Photo of Martina Stöhr

    Martina Stöhr Producer and Screenplay

  18. Photo of Tomas Eskilsson

    Tomas Eskilsson Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Peter Possne

    Peter Possne Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Gregers Dohn

    Gregers Dohn Editing

  21. Photo of Robert Sorling

    Robert Sorling Sound

  22. Photo of Janne Alvermark

    Janne Alvermark Sound