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  1. Photo of V.P. Sathe

    V.P. Sathe Screenplay

  2. Photo of K.K. Singh

    K.K. Singh Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jyoti Swaroop

    Jyoti Swaroop Screenplay

  4. Photo of Rajiv Kapoor

    Rajiv Kapoor Cast

  5. Photo of Divya Rana

    Divya Rana Cast

  6. Photo of Saeed Jaffrey

    Saeed Jaffrey Cast

  7. Photo of Kulbhushan Kharbanda

    Kulbhushan Kharbanda Cast

  8. Photo of Raza Murad

    Raza Murad Cast

  9. Photo of Sushma Seth

    Sushma Seth Cast

  10. Photo of Trilok Kapoor

    Trilok Kapoor Cast

  11. Photo of Krishan Dhawan

    Krishan Dhawan Cast

  12. Photo of Vishwa Mehra

    Vishwa Mehra Cast

  13. Photo of Urmila Bhatt

    Urmila Bhatt Cast

  14. Photo of Gita Siddharth

    Gita Siddharth Cast

  15. Photo of A.K. Hangal

    A.K. Hangal Cast

  16. Photo of Gautam Sarin

    Gautam Sarin Cast

  17. Photo of Monty Nath

    Monty Nath Cast

  18. Photo of Kamaldeep

    Kamaldeep Cast

  19. Photo of Rakesh Bedi

    Rakesh Bedi Cast

  20. Photo of Mandakini

    Mandakini Cast

  21. Photo of Jagdish Raj

    Jagdish Raj Cast

  22. Photo of Reshma

    Reshma Cast

  23. Photo of Tom Alter

    Tom Alter Cast

  24. Photo of Avtar Gill

    Avtar Gill Cast

  25. Photo of C.S. Dubey

    C.S. Dubey Cast

  26. Photo of Raj Kapoor

    Raj Kapoor Producer, Director, Screenplay Editing

  27. Photo of Ravindra Jain

    Ravindra Jain Music

  28. Photo of Radhu Karmakar

    Radhu Karmakar Cinematography

  29. Photo of Allauddin

    Allauddin Sound