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  1. Photo of Matt Pizzolo

    Matt Pizzolo Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Lance Henriksen

    Lance Henriksen Cast

  3. Photo of Danielle Harris

    Danielle Harris Cast

  4. Photo of Justin Courtney Pierre

    Justin Courtney Pierre Cast

  5. Photo of Nicki Clyne

    Nicki Clyne Cast

  6. Photo of Davey Havok

    Davey Havok Cast

  7. Photo of Tiffany Shepis

    Tiffany Shepis Cast

  8. Photo of Bill Moseley

    Bill Moseley Cast

  9. Photo of Katie Nisa

    Katie Nisa Cast

  10. Photo of Lydia Lunch

    Lydia Lunch Cast

  11. Photo of Anna Muckcracker

    Anna Muckcracker Cinematography

  12. Photo of The Hellish Vortex

    The Hellish Vortex Music

  13. Photo of Brian Giberson

    Brian Giberson Producer

  14. Photo of Efren Balbuena

    Efren Balbuena Editing

  15. Photo of Janurrie Castillo

    Janurrie Castillo Editing

  16. Photo of Daniel Giberson

    Daniel Giberson Editing

  17. Photo of Jun Maravillas

    Jun Maravillas Editing

  18. Photo of Nik Blumish

    Nik Blumish Animation

  19. Photo of Charles Choo

    Charles Choo Animation

  20. Photo of Geoffrey A. George

    Geoffrey A. George Animation

  21. Photo of Christie Hauck

    Christie Hauck Animation

  22. Photo of Ann Hoyt

    Ann Hoyt Animation

  23. Photo of Bob Wilson

    Bob Wilson Animation

  24. Photo of Steven Jones Jr.

    Steven Jones Jr. Animation

  25. Photo of Dennis Chen

    Dennis Chen Animation

  26. Photo of Daniel Freeman

    Daniel Freeman Animation

  27. Photo of David Witt

    David Witt Animation