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  1. Photo of Nick Fraser

    Nick Fraser Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Lynne Kirby

    Lynne Kirby Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Samuel Paul

    Samuel Paul Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Denman Rooke

    Denman Rooke Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Reggie Nadelson

    Reggie Nadelson Producer

  6. Photo of Leslie Woodhead

    Leslie Woodhead Producer, Director

  7. Photo of Madalyn Murray-O'Hair

    Madalyn Murray-O'Hair Cast

  8. Photo of Phil Donahue

    Phil Donahue Cast

  9. Photo of Bryan LeBeau

    Bryan LeBeau Cast

  10. Photo of William J. Murray

    William J. Murray Cast

  11. Photo of Simon Graham

    Simon Graham Editing

  12. Photo of Rob Moore

    Rob Moore Editing

  13. Photo of Barry Hecht

    Barry Hecht Cinematography

  14. Photo of Dieter Kaupp

    Dieter Kaupp Cinematography

  15. Photo of Peter Nelson

    Peter Nelson Cinematography

  16. Photo of Allan Palmer

    Allan Palmer Cinematography

  17. Photo of Lara Sievert

    Lara Sievert Sound

  18. Photo of Matt Skilton

    Matt Skilton Sound

  19. Photo of John Zecca

    John Zecca Sound