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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Diderot's rating of the film God's Not Dead

    If you know anything about this brand of American Christianity, then you'll get a good laugh out of this movie. Otherwise, it's trashier than trash.

  2. Zach Closs's rating of the film God's Not Dead

    Didactic, disgustingly paternal, paranoid bullshit. Cronk dreams up an offensive, alarmist evangelical fantasy that pits academia against religion; atheists and agnostics (especially those in power) are depicted as misguided believers out to brainwash the faithful for selfish, childish reasons. Call me snide if you want, but Christians claiming their rights are being infringed upon is a little ironic.

  3. Erklgh's rating of the film God's Not Dead

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  4. aikeart's rating of the film God's Not Dead

    Qué pobreza de argumentos, no para defender el que dios esté vivo, sino para atacar al ateo. Nada es tan radical como parece.

  5. spiderliliez's rating of the film God's Not Dead

    He's not dead. Yes, I'm that kinda person! But I'm not gonna go with how this film presented this age old argument. Some unimpressive points here and there, and a moronically insensitive ending. It's not like people would truly understand this, it's stupid! God is certainly amazing, but most Christians are just knobheads when sharing this message. You just gotta love JESUS man.. but foolish Christians wrecks it all.

  6. Duncan Gray's rating of the film God's Not Dead

    The Obama years spawned a strange cottage industry, and this chain-email-turned-movie shocked industry watchers with its box office. Even putting the logical inconsistencies aside, it's an ugly movie, not even right for ironic laughter, whose characterizations are self-edifying, hateful, and oozing with condescension. That it sees itself as wise/benevolent is scary. That it found a receptive subculture is scarier.

  7. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film God's Not Dead

    One of the most mean spirited, ugly, and intolerant movies ever made- it is the equivalent of a bully or a Rush Limbaugh podcast aimed at children. Watching this movie makes one understand just how immoral and dangerous Christianity is, in that it's manipulative and it's most fundamental followers- cough the filmmakers cough- are intolerant racists who seek to get rid of education and thinking. I hate this movie!

  8. Will C's rating of the film God's Not Dead

    As someone who grew up Roman Catholic and still has faith, I think this is the worst assault on religion ever conceived. I could write multiple reviews on this page to describe every problem I have with this movie, but it still wouldn't be enough. Kevin Sorbo's performance is good, but other than that, a truly reprehensible movie about faith and religion that doesn't even deserve a spot in Big Lots' $3 bin.