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  1. Photo of Sherrie Sucher

    Sherrie Sucher Costume Design

  2. Photo of Susan Tsu

    Susan Tsu Costume Design

  3. Photo of David Greene

    David Greene Director, Screenplay

  4. Photo of Edgar Lansbury

    Edgar Lansbury Producer

  5. Photo of Richard G. Heimann

    Richard G. Heimann Cinematography

  6. Photo of Victor Garber

    Victor Garber Cast

  7. Photo of Katie Hanley

    Katie Hanley Cast

  8. Photo of David Haskell

    David Haskell Cast

  9. Photo of Merrell Jackson

    Merrell Jackson Cast

  10. Photo of Joanne Jonas

    Joanne Jonas Cast

  11. Photo of Robin Lamont

    Robin Lamont Cast

  12. Photo of Gilmer McCormick

    Gilmer McCormick Cast

  13. Photo of Jeffrey Mylett

    Jeffrey Mylett Cast

  14. Photo of Jerry Sroka

    Jerry Sroka Cast

  15. Photo of Lynne Thigpen

    Lynne Thigpen Cast

  16. Photo of Daniel Levans

    Daniel Levans Cast

  17. Photo of Joe Madden

    Joe Madden Cast

  18. Photo of Burt Richards

    Burt Richards Cast

  19. Photo of John-Michael Tebelak

    John-Michael Tebelak Cast, Screenplay

  20. Photo of Alan Heim

    Alan Heim Editing

  21. Photo of Brian Eatwell

    Brian Eatwell Production Design

  22. Photo of Stephen Schwartz

    Stephen Schwartz Music

  23. Photo of Peggy Gordon

    Peggy Gordon Music

  24. Photo of Jay Hamburger

    Jay Hamburger Music

  25. Photo of Les Lazarowitz

    Les Lazarowitz Sound