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Ratings & Reviews

  1. msmichel's rating of the film Godzilla 2000

    Toho's first Godzilla after the '98 American debacle managed to bring a little lustre back to the franchise. A mix of old school suit effects with some CGI was never quite seamless but pretty darn entertaining. The plot? Well its the usual humans try to kill Godzilla, meet a greater foe and Godzilla proceeds to save the world. Why reinvent the wheel after 50 years? Good fun.

  2. emichan's rating of the film Godzilla 2000

    My first godzilla film.

  3. Mark Garrett's rating of the film Godzilla 2000

    "Godzilla is within all of us" says Katagiri at the end of the film. Other than the method Godzilla uses to kill the alien semi-clone of himself named Orga, this is awful.

  4. myhumaninteractions's rating of the film Godzilla 2000

    Nods to Jurassic Park, Twister, and Independence Day. Why are the aliens interested in Godzilla? They want to build their own empire through him. Seems like a metaphor for the failed attempt at the Americanization.