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  1. Photo of Gareth Edwards

    Gareth Edwards Director

  2. Photo of Max Borenstein

    Max Borenstein Screenplay

  3. Photo of Dave Callaham

    Dave Callaham Screenplay

  4. Photo of Elizabeth Olsen

    Elizabeth Olsen Cast

  5. Photo of Bryan Cranston

    Bryan Cranston Cast

  6. Photo of Aaron Taylor-Johnson

    Aaron Taylor-Johnson Cast

  7. Photo of Sally Hawkins

    Sally Hawkins Cast

  8. Photo of Juliette Binoche

    Juliette Binoche Cast

  9. Photo of Ken Watanabe

    Ken Watanabe Cast

  10. Photo of David Strathairn

    David Strathairn Cast

  11. Photo of Victor Rasuk

    Victor Rasuk Cast

  12. Photo of Al Sapienza

    Al Sapienza Cast

  13. Photo of CJ Adams

    CJ Adams Cast

  14. Photo of Richard T. Jones

    Richard T. Jones Cast

  15. Photo of Brian Markinson

    Brian Markinson Cast

  16. Photo of Steven Wiig

    Steven Wiig Cast

  17. Photo of Patrick Sabongui

    Patrick Sabongui Cast

  18. Photo of Garry Chalk

    Garry Chalk Cast

  19. Photo of Ken Yamamura

    Ken Yamamura Cast

  20. Photo of Ed Heavey

    Ed Heavey Cast

  21. Photo of Christian Tessier

    Christian Tessier Cast

  22. Photo of Akira Takarada

    Akira Takarada Cast

  23. Photo of Yuki Morita

    Yuki Morita Cast

  24. Photo of Primo Allon

    Primo Allon Cast

  25. Photo of John O'Brien

    John O'Brien Cast

  26. Photo of Carson Bolde

    Carson Bolde Cast

  27. Photo of Seamus McGarvey

    Seamus McGarvey Cinematography

  28. Photo of Alexandre Desplat

    Alexandre Desplat Music

  29. Photo of Owen Paterson

    Owen Paterson Production Design

  30. Photo of Jon Jashni

    Jon Jashni Producer

  31. Photo of Mary Parent

    Mary Parent Producer

  32. Photo of Brian Rogers

    Brian Rogers Producer

  33. Photo of Thomas Tull

    Thomas Tull Producer

  34. Photo of Yoshimitsu Banno

    Yoshimitsu Banno Executive Producer

  35. Photo of Alex Garcia

    Alex Garcia Executive Producer

  36. Photo of Kenji Okuhira

    Kenji Okuhira Executive Producer

  37. Photo of Patricia Whitcher

    Patricia Whitcher Executive Producer

  38. Photo of Bob Ducsay

    Bob Ducsay Editing