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  1. Bruno's rating of the film Going Places

    misógino à brava, mas tem um pendor marginal anti-burguês encantador e uma cena de sodomia não consentida entre companheiros, que chatice, amigos na mesma, quanto me fez rir, sem o filtro da moral a complicar as coisas

  2. Poena Damni's rating of the film Going Places

    Wonderful! Seen with a friend who knew Brigitte Fossey, the breastfeeding mother in the film, and also the filmmaker's sister.

  3. Alexine Chanel's rating of the film Going Places

    super raunchy, funny, cruel, 70' coolness... with its devastatingly awesome cast and killer dialogues, les valseuses (slang for balls in french! WHY do they always give these tepid translations to the titles? ) is simply a must-see

  4. Johnny Seeker's rating of the film Going Places

    A fun ride with many very inappropriate interludes! The obvious ending, but somehow not depicted on film, could have served as the only logical ending to the lives of these anti-heroes!

  5.'s rating of the film Going Places

    (...) Man sollte sich auch nichts vormachen, denn mit Sicherheit hat Bertrand Blier hier einen der frauenverachtendsten Filme aller Zeiten erschaffen! Der Frauenhass ist jederzeit spürbar und ziemlich abstossend. Hält der Film hier genügend Abstand zu seinen beiden "Helden" - verkörpert von Gerard Depardieu und Patrick Dewaere? (...)

  6. Kim Avelar Marcelino da Silva's rating of the film Going Places

    Stupid ass story about two pieces of white french shit fresh out of assholes who treat women like shit...

  7. maddening cloud's rating of the film Going Places

    "I came away from 'Going Places' feeling that I'd spent two hours in the company of a filmmaker I would never want to meet." couldn't agree more with you there, Mr Ebert

  8. riraru's rating of the film Going Places

    Amüsantes Halbstarken-Roadmovie. Grotesk verzerrt durch die Untertitelung, die "weiterspricht", wenn gar nichts gesagt wird (manchmal auch andersrum). Man wird da also die ganze Zeit noch zusätzlich zugkleistert mit flotten, chauvinistischen Sprüchen auf Schulmädchenreport-Niveau – wahrscheinlich ist das der Grund dafür, dass der Film bis 2012 auf dem Index war …

  9. Love Wegeh's rating of the film Going Places

  10. Herlescu Daniel's rating of the film Going Places

    4 1/2 - Great performances, some beautiful filming locations.

  11. Angelika Arman's rating of the film Going Places

    This is the Citroen DS of all road movies. How could I have missed it.

  12. José Neves's rating of the film Going Places

    The only Blier movie I like: as in a porn, you are sure of its disability; as in an adventure film, the lightness of its provocation, with the elegance that the context of its realization allowed. More than having "l'air du temps", it was made at the very time that they dwelt it. Misogynist and misanthrope, although laughing of itself and with Nuytten cinematography and Grappelli music to involve.

  13. msmichel's rating of the film Going Places

    Blier has never been a director for the feminist movement by any stretch and this early film from him is no exception. The story of 2 cretins living life from petty crime to petty crime while treating beautiful women abhorrently should be enough for the film to fail: however the undercurrent of dark comedy and wonderful performances (especially from a vivacious Miou Miou) save the film completely. Well worth a visit,

  14. Buddy Love's rating of the film Going Places

    Two weird guys that hook up with a hot girl who doesn't mind getting treated like garbage..

  15. mpho3's rating of the film Going Places

    Great flick - if you hate women. It's confounding because Dewaere (who killed himself years later) and Depardieu have amazing chemistry. Nuytten's cinematography and Grappelli's score are charming, and so are turns by Moreau, Huppert and Fossey. Regardless, it gave me real heartache to watch two cretins sexually molest and assault pretty much every woman in the film. Not what I consider comedy.

  16. El Biffo's rating of the film Going Places

    This film has a love scene with Jeanne Moreau, and a love scene with Isabelle Huppert. That is all you need to know. 5 stars isn't enough for Isabelle and Jeanne, they get all the stars in the sky, at least bzillion!

  17. Samuel Donath's rating of the film Going Places

    Fun stuff! Jeanne Moreau and Isabelle Huppert in the same film! Sure: it is a little offensive at times. Try to look past it, and see the humor.

  18. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Going Places

    Remember when misogyny was commonplace in movies, and everyone loved it? This one sure takes you back. The ad in the newspaper for this movie was of a naked lady hitchhiking, so I knew it had to be good. My understanding is that there's a 3 hour version, which I'd love to see.

  19. Ethan's rating of the film Going Places

    A perfect blend of sleaze and anarchy with great performances and a few surprises.

  20. WeirdHair's rating of the film Going Places

    If one can get over the way the main characters treat women, there's plenty here to enjoy. Also of note is how the scenes are edited to show a lot of action/plot progress in a small amount of time.

  21. thesecretlivesofcats's rating of the film Going Places

    I checked this movie out from the library down the street. It's not there anymore. The movie, not the library.

  22. Mohammad Aboomar's rating of the film Going Places

    Slow despite all the nudity and sex.

  23. Amadeus Magnus's rating of the film Going Places

    Threesome with Jeanne Moreau: There is more than Jules and Jim's fantasies!

  24. This is Jake Kath's rating of the film Going Places

    Some of the most attractive storytelling I've seen. I really wanted to fuck the shit out of this movie! I loved the sleaze of the characters, how relentlessly UNpc the movie is, the way it challenged good taste, and the endearing moments in the middle of sear ugly. This a movie I wished I made. A new favorite? Probably but I have to see it again.

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