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  1. Photo of Karl Hartl

    Karl Hartl Director

  2. Photo of Rolf E. Vanloo

    Rolf E. Vanloo Screenplay

  3. Photo of Alfred Zeisler

    Alfred Zeisler Producer

  4. Photo of Hans-Otto Borgmann

    Hans-Otto Borgmann Music

  5. Photo of Otto Baecker

    Otto Baecker Cinematography

  6. Photo of Werner Bohne

    Werner Bohne Cinematography

  7. Photo of Günther Rittau

    Günther Rittau Cinematography

  8. Photo of Wolfgang Becker

    Wolfgang Becker Editing

  9. Photo of Otto Hunte

    Otto Hunte Production Design

  10. Photo of Erich Leistner

    Erich Leistner Sound

  11. Photo of Bruno Suckau

    Bruno Suckau Sound

  12. Photo of Hans Albers

    Hans Albers Cast

  13. Photo of Friedrich Kayßler

    Friedrich Kayßler Cast

  14. Photo of Brigitte Helm

    Brigitte Helm Cast

  15. Photo of Michael Bohnen

    Michael Bohnen Cast

  16. Photo of Ernst Karchow

    Ernst Karchow Cast

  17. Photo of Lien Deyers

    Lien Deyers Cast

  18. Photo of Eberhard Leithoff

    Eberhard Leithoff Cast

  19. Photo of Rudolf Platte

    Rudolf Platte Cast

  20. Photo of Walter Steinbeck

    Walter Steinbeck Cast

  21. Photo of Heinz Wemper

    Heinz Wemper Cast

  22. Photo of Hansjoachim Büttner

    Hansjoachim Büttner Cast

  23. Photo of Erich Haußmann

    Erich Haußmann Cast

  24. Photo of Rudolf Biebrach

    Rudolf Biebrach Cast

  25. Photo of Willy Kaiser-Heyl

    Willy Kaiser-Heyl Cast

  26. Photo of Ernst Behmer

    Ernst Behmer Cast