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  1. Photo of Emanuele Crialese

    Emanuele Crialese Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Vincenzo Amato

    Vincenzo Amato Cast

  3. Photo of Charlotte Gainsbourg

    Charlotte Gainsbourg Cast

  4. Photo of Aurora Quattrocchi

    Aurora Quattrocchi Cast

  5. Photo of Francesco Casisa

    Francesco Casisa Cast

  6. Photo of Filippo Pucillo

    Filippo Pucillo Cast

  7. Photo of Federica de Cola

    Federica de Cola Cast

  8. Photo of Isabella Ragonese

    Isabella Ragonese Cast

  9. Photo of Vincent Schiavelli

    Vincent Schiavelli Cast

  10. Photo of Filippo Luna

    Filippo Luna Cast

  11. Photo of Agnès Godard

    Agnès Godard Cinematography

  12. Photo of Antonio Castrigano

    Antonio Castrigano Music

  13. Photo of Carlos Conti

    Carlos Conti Production Design

  14. Photo of Alexandre Mallet-Guy

    Alexandre Mallet-Guy Producer

  15. Photo of Fabrizio Mosca

    Fabrizio Mosca Producer

  16. Photo of Bernard Bouix

    Bernard Bouix Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Tommaso Calevi

    Tommaso Calevi Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Maryline Monthieux

    Maryline Monthieux Editing