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  1. Photo of Sergei Yutkevich

    Sergei Yutkevich Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Aleksei Chapygin

    Aleksei Chapygin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Andrei Mikhajlovsky

    Andrei Mikhajlovsky Screenplay

  4. Photo of Vladimir Nedobrovo

    Vladimir Nedobrovo Screenplay

  5. Photo of Boris Poslavsky

    Boris Poslavsky Cast

  6. Photo of Yuri Korvin-Krukovsky

    Yuri Korvin-Krukovsky Cast

  7. Photo of Boris Feodosyev

    Boris Feodosyev Cast

  8. Photo of Ivan Shtraukh

    Ivan Shtraukh Cast

  9. Photo of Boris Tenin

    Boris Tenin Cast

  10. Photo of Niolai Michurin

    Niolai Michurin Cast

  11. Photo of Natalya Razumova

    Natalya Razumova Cast

  12. Photo of N. Sholkovsky

    N. Sholkovsky Cast

  13. Photo of F. Nikolayev

    F. Nikolayev Cast

  14. Photo of Nikoloz Shengelaya

    Nikoloz Shengelaya Cast

  15. Photo of F. Slavsky

    F. Slavsky Cast

  16. Photo of Leonid Kmit

    Leonid Kmit Cast

  17. Photo of Iosif Martov

    Iosif Martov Cinematography

  18. Photo of Vladimir Rapoport

    Vladimir Rapoport Cinematography

  19. Photo of Dmitri Shostakovich

    Dmitri Shostakovich Music

  20. Photo of Lev Arnshtam

    Lev Arnshtam Sound and Screenplay

  21. Photo of Ilya Volk

    Ilya Volk Sound