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  1. Photo of Peter Thorwarth

    Peter Thorwarth Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Alexander M. Rümelin

    Alexander M. Rümelin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Wotan Wilke Möhring

    Wotan Wilke Möhring Cast

  4. Photo of Dirk Benedict

    Dirk Benedict Cast

  5. Photo of Wolf Roth

    Wolf Roth Cast

  6. Photo of Gennadi Vengerov

    Gennadi Vengerov Cast

  7. Photo of Mark Zak

    Mark Zak Cast

  8. Photo of Ludger Pistor

    Ludger Pistor Cast

  9. Photo of Birgit Stein

    Birgit Stein Cast

  10. Photo of Alexandra Neldel

    Alexandra Neldel Cast

  11. Photo of Christian Kahrmann

    Christian Kahrmann Cast

  12. Photo of Ralf Richter

    Ralf Richter Cast

  13. Photo of Hans Martin Stier

    Hans Martin Stier Cast

  14. Photo of Gedeon Burkhard

    Gedeon Burkhard Cast

  15. Photo of Uwe Fellensiek

    Uwe Fellensiek Cast

  16. Photo of Loretta Stern

    Loretta Stern Cast

  17. Photo of Markus Knüfken

    Markus Knüfken Cast

  18. Photo of Bernd Herzsprung

    Bernd Herzsprung Cast

  19. Photo of Ingrid Steeger

    Ingrid Steeger Cast

  20. Photo of Waléra Kanischtscheff

    Waléra Kanischtscheff Cast

  21. Photo of Sabrina White

    Sabrina White Cast

  22. Photo of Lucas Gregorowicz

    Lucas Gregorowicz Cast

  23. Photo of Jan Fehse

    Jan Fehse Cinematography

  24. Photo of Uwe Stanik

    Uwe Stanik Production Design

  25. Photo of Christian Becker

    Christian Becker Producer

  26. Photo of Benjamin Herrmann

    Benjamin Herrmann Producer

  27. Photo of Andreas Wölki

    Andreas Wölki Sound