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  1. El Biffo's rating of the film Goldstein

    A beautiful, mysterious work of Jewish Mysticism. Filmed in Chicago in 1964, a strange unknowable place in-between NYC and California, in a strange, transitional time in-between the 1950's and the Psychedelic Era. The fulcrum of this parable comes when Nelson Algren tells the story of Lostball Stahouska-crook, baseball player, Chicago cop. GOLDSTEIN is an important footnote in the canon of American Independent Cinema

  2. john barry bornstein's rating of the film Goldstein

    This movie is not perfect, feels almost amateur, but there is something about it which I find very appealing, the mood. I want the honor of being the film's first fan.

  3. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Goldstein

    If Jean Renoir used to watch only five American movies a year, his judgment could be a little bit biased here. Personally, I would have loved to praise this film which earned the "Prize of the Nouvelle Critique" in Cannes but I sincerely don't want to take the responsibility to do so. A DVD zone pseudo intellectual first sketches.

  4. H. K. ‡'s rating of the film Goldstein

    "The best American film I have seen in 20 years." ~ Jean Renoir