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  1. Photo of Julien Duvivier

    Julien Duvivier Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of André-Paul Antoine

    André-Paul Antoine Screenplay

  3. Photo of Josef Kodícek

    Josef Kodícek Screenplay

  4. Photo of George Voskovec

    George Voskovec Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jan Werich

    Jan Werich Screenplay

  6. Photo of Harry Baur

    Harry Baur Cast

  7. Photo of Charles Dorat

    Charles Dorat Cast

  8. Photo of Jany Holt

    Jany Holt Cast

  9. Photo of Roger Karl

    Roger Karl Cast

  10. Photo of Germaine Aussey

    Germaine Aussey Cast

  11. Photo of Truda Grosslichtová

    Truda Grosslichtová Cast

  12. Photo of Julien Carette

    Julien Carette Cast

  13. Photo of Marcel Dalio

    Marcel Dalio Cast

  14. Photo of Walter Schorsch

    Walter Schorsch Cast

  15. Photo of Raymond Aimos

    Raymond Aimos Cast

  16. Photo of Alfred Bastýr

    Alfred Bastýr Cast

  17. Photo of Jan Cerný

    Jan Cerný Cast

  18. Photo of Roger Duchesne

    Roger Duchesne Cast

  19. Photo of Ferdinand Hart

    Ferdinand Hart Cast

  20. Photo of Gaston Jacquet

    Gaston Jacquet Cast

  21. Photo of Frantisek Jerhot

    Frantisek Jerhot Cast

  22. Photo of Antonín Jirsa

    Antonín Jirsa Cast

  23. Photo of F.X. Mlejnek

    F.X. Mlejnek Cast

  24. Photo of Stanislav Neumann

    Stanislav Neumann Cast

  25. Photo of Robert Ozanne

    Robert Ozanne Cast

  26. Photo of Karel Schleichert

    Karel Schleichert Cast

  27. Photo of Jan Stallich

    Jan Stallich Cinematography

  28. Photo of Václav Vích

    Václav Vích Cinematography

  29. Photo of Joseph Kumok

    Joseph Kumok Music

  30. Photo of Andrej Andrejew

    Andrej Andrejew Production Design

  31. Photo of Štěpán Kopecký

    Štěpán Kopecký Production Design

  32. Photo of Frank Kassler

    Frank Kassler Producer

  33. Photo of Charles Philipp

    Charles Philipp Producer

  34. Photo of Josef Stein

    Josef Stein Producer

  35. Photo of Jiří Slavíček

    Jiří Slavíček Editing