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  1. Photo of Matteo Garrone

    Matteo Garrone Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Maurizio Braucci

    Maurizio Braucci Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ugo Chiti

    Ugo Chiti Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gianni Di Gregorio

    Gianni Di Gregorio Screenplay

  5. Photo of Massimo Gaudioso

    Massimo Gaudioso Screenplay

  6. Photo of Roberto Saviano

    Roberto Saviano Screenplay

  7. Photo of Toni Servillo

    Toni Servillo Cast

  8. Photo of Salvatore Abruzzese

    Salvatore Abruzzese Cast

  9. Photo of Gianfelice Imparato

    Gianfelice Imparato Cast

  10. Photo of Maria Nazionale

    Maria Nazionale Cast

  11. Photo of Salvatore Cantalupo

    Salvatore Cantalupo Cast

  12. Photo of Gigio Morra

    Gigio Morra Cast

  13. Photo of Marco Macor

    Marco Macor Cast

  14. Photo of Ciro Petrone

    Ciro Petrone Cast

  15. Photo of Marco Onorato

    Marco Onorato Cinematography

  16. Photo of Paolo Bonfini

    Paolo Bonfini Production Design

  17. Photo of Domenico Procacci

    Domenico Procacci Producer

  18. Photo of Marco Spoletini

    Marco Spoletini Editing

  19. Photo of Daniela Bassani

    Daniela Bassani Sound

  20. Photo of Alessandra Cardini

    Alessandra Cardini Costume Design