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  1. Photo of Jørgen Leth

    Jørgen Leth Director, Producer, Screenplay Production Design

  2. Photo of Claus Nissen

    Claus Nissen Self

  3. Photo of Ulla Gottlieb

    Ulla Gottlieb Self

  4. Photo of Holger Juul Hansen

    Holger Juul Hansen Self

  5. Photo of Ulf Pilgaard

    Ulf Pilgaard Self

  6. Photo of Ghita Nørby

    Ghita Nørby Self

  7. Photo of Ole Ritter

    Ole Ritter Self

  8. Photo of Sven-Ole Thorsen

    Sven-Ole Thorsen Self

  9. Photo of Lars Knutzon

    Lars Knutzon Self

  10. Photo of Kirsten Peüliche

    Kirsten Peüliche Self

  11. Photo of Henning Camre

    Henning Camre Cinematography

  12. Photo of Gunner Møller Pedersen

    Gunner Møller Pedersen Music

  13. Photo of Franz Ernst

    Franz Ernst Editing

  14. Photo of Ole Henning Hansen

    Ole Henning Hansen Sound