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  1. Photo of Janusz Morgenstern

    Janusz Morgenstern Director

  2. Photo of Bogumił Kobiela

    Bogumił Kobiela Screenplay

  3. Photo of Wilhelm Mach

    Wilhelm Mach Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jan Laskowski

    Jan Laskowski Cinematography

  5. Photo of Zbigniew Cybulski

    Zbigniew Cybulski Cast and Screenplay

  6. Photo of Teresa Tuszynska

    Teresa Tuszynska Cast

  7. Photo of Barbara Baranowska

    Barbara Baranowska Cast

  8. Photo of Grażyna Muszyńska

    Grażyna Muszyńska Cast

  9. Photo of Jacek Fedorowicz

    Jacek Fedorowicz Cast

  10. Photo of Włodzimierz Bielicki

    Włodzimierz Bielicki Cast

  11. Photo of Roman Polanski

    Roman Polanski Cast

  12. Photo of Janina Niedzwiecka

    Janina Niedzwiecka Editing

  13. Photo of Roman Mann

    Roman Mann Production Design

  14. Photo of Ryszard Potocki

    Ryszard Potocki Production Design

  15. Photo of Krzysztof Komeda

    Krzysztof Komeda Music

  16. Photo of Tadeusz Altman

    Tadeusz Altman Sound

  17. Photo of Katarzyna Chodorowicz

    Katarzyna Chodorowicz Costume Design