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  1. Ruby's rating of the film Good Hair

    3.5 stars! An interesting examination of euro-centric beauty standards and their effect on WoC. Chris Rock is an endearing narrator, very sweet and willing to learn. All the women interviewed are extremely interesting and intelligent.

  2. flamingo jones's rating of the film Good Hair

    While I'm glad a documentary discussing the politics of black hair exists, I don't think this one does a good job getting to the representation issues at the root of most black women's quest for straight hair. Furthermore, Chris Rock was mostly mocking women for the "ridiculous" lengths they go to in order to achieve and unnatural standard of beauty, and the film was coated in a glaze of bad, misogynistic jokes.

  3. Addiena of Mubi land's rating of the film Good Hair

  4. rowdyman's rating of the film Good Hair

    Probably Chris Rock's best film to date. Not surprisingly, the best parts of this film are when Rock is thinking on his feet, making great impromptu remarks in the moment.

  5. pieomy's rating of the film Good Hair

    The section about weave sex was SO GREAT! Chris Rock's comment about putting all the effort into the bangs made me crease up. Very interesting (not to mention a bit weird, regarding the hair show) - a good documentary.

  6. BUSHRA's rating of the film Good Hair

    great analysis on a widely unspoken topic expressed in many different angles. "good" hair is both a rite of passage and derives from rites of personal devotion. i feel like the prejudice that is sometimes intertwined with unanswered curiosity finally dissolves after watching this movie as you realize that hair will never just be hair but represents and actualizes so much more.

  7. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Good Hair

    An intriguing look at a complicated cultural phenomena told with breezy wit and humor, as it manages to cut through to deep issues without taking itself too seriously. A fascinating and consistently entertaining piece of work.

  8. Alice Tynan's rating of the film Good Hair

    I was definitely one of those ignorant white folks! What a fascinating, comic window into the world of hair.

  9. pierrot23's rating of the film Good Hair

  10. Aydin Dehzad's rating of the film Good Hair

    It is a very interesting and informative documentary but not more than that.