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  1. Photo of Peeter Simm

    Peeter Simm Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Toomas Raudam

    Toomas Raudam Screenplay

  3. Photo of Artur Talvik

    Artur Talvik Producer

  4. Photo of Gatis Upmalis

    Gatis Upmalis Producer

  5. Photo of Uldis Jancis

    Uldis Jancis Cinematography

  6. Photo of Sirje Haagel

    Sirje Haagel Editing

  7. Photo of Ronald Kolmann

    Ronald Kolmann Production Design

  8. Photo of Ieva Kundzina

    Ieva Kundzina Costume Design

  9. Photo of Ivo Felt

    Ivo Felt Sound

  10. Photo of Rezija Kalnina

    Rezija Kalnina Cast

  11. Photo of Lembit Ulfsak

    Lembit Ulfsak Cast

  12. Photo of Tõnu Kark

    Tõnu Kark Cast

  13. Photo of Tiit Sukk

    Tiit Sukk Cast

  14. Photo of Atis Tenbergs

    Atis Tenbergs Cast

  15. Photo of Maija Apine

    Maija Apine Cast

  16. Photo of Leonarda Klavina

    Leonarda Klavina Cast

  17. Photo of Gert Raudsep

    Gert Raudsep Cast

  18. Photo of Regnars Vaivars

    Regnars Vaivars Cast

  19. Photo of Lauri Nebel

    Lauri Nebel Cast

  20. Photo of Aleksander Okunev

    Aleksander Okunev Cast

  21. Photo of Kristel Elling

    Kristel Elling Cast

  22. Photo of Laine Mägi

    Laine Mägi Cast

  23. Photo of Margus Prangel

    Margus Prangel Cast

  24. Photo of Elina Reinold

    Elina Reinold Cast