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  1. Photo of Claudio Noce

    Claudio Noce Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Angelo Russo Russelli

    Angelo Russo Russelli Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Linda Vianello

    Linda Vianello Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Dodo Fiori

    Dodo Fiori Producer

  5. Photo of Elisa Amoruso

    Elisa Amoruso Screenplay

  6. Photo of Heidrun Schleef

    Heidrun Schleef Screenplay

  7. Photo of Diego Ribon

    Diego Ribon Screenplay

  8. Photo of Michele D'Attanasio

    Michele D'Attanasio Cinematography

  9. Photo of Valerio Mastandrea

    Valerio Mastandrea Cast

  10. Photo of Said Sabrie

    Said Sabrie Cast

  11. Photo of Anita Caprioli

    Anita Caprioli Cast

  12. Photo of Amin Nur

    Amin Nur Cast

  13. Photo of Giordano De Plano

    Giordano De Plano Cast

  14. Photo of Adamo Dionisi

    Adamo Dionisi Cast

  15. Photo of Andrea Maguolo

    Andrea Maguolo Editing

  16. Photo of Paki Meduri

    Paki Meduri Production Design

  17. Photo of Valerio Vigliar

    Valerio Vigliar Music

  18. Photo of Bruno Pupparo

    Bruno Pupparo Sound