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  1. Photo of Henrik Ruben Genz

    Henrik Ruben Genz Director

  2. Photo of Kelly Masterson

    Kelly Masterson Screenplay

  3. Photo of James Franco

    James Franco Cast

  4. Photo of Kate Hudson

    Kate Hudson Cast

  5. Photo of Tom Wilkinson

    Tom Wilkinson Cast

  6. Photo of Omar Sy

    Omar Sy Cast

  7. Photo of Sam Spruell

    Sam Spruell Cast

  8. Photo of Jørgen Johansson

    Jørgen Johansson Cinematography

  9. Photo of Neil Davidge

    Neil Davidge Music

  10. Photo of Kave Quinn

    Kave Quinn Production Design

  11. Photo of Tobey Maguire

    Tobey Maguire Producer

  12. Photo of Robert Katz

    Robert Katz Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Matthew O'Toole

    Matthew O'Toole Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Paul Tothill

    Paul Tothill Editing

  15. Photo of Nigel Mills

    Nigel Mills Sound

  16. Photo of Keith Madden

    Keith Madden Costume Design