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  1. dialupmodem's rating of the film Good Time

    key points in the narrative plucked straight from of mice and men with a sweet oneohtrix point never soundtrack... it's really good

  2. Justin Crowe's rating of the film Good Time

    never have i watched a movie where i absolutely despised the main character but couldn't wait to see what happened next. visuals and soundtrack were ace

  3. fearraigh's rating of the film Good Time

    There's more than an air of Cassavetes about the Safdie brothers' latest work and it has a similar doomed inevitability. The success of the film hinges on the dynamism of the directing and the acting, where Pattinson in particular is excellent (and at time unrecognisable). Savage and depressing yet a very admirable film through which the old, untamed, ungentrified soul of New York City resonates.

  4. Aaron C Jones's rating of the film Good Time

    Really good. I love how the plot devolves into anxiety and chaos. The cinematography and the score are really top notch. Benny Safdie is incredible as Nick, too. Pattinson says it was more of a comedy before the Safdie Bros got their hands on the script. I can't imagine it as a comedy, maybe it was something like After Hours before? Hmmm

  5. Aivaras_Z's rating of the film Good Time

    I didn't think I would like it as much as I did, but it happened. Very nice atmosphere, visuals, and even the soundtrack. Tells quite a dirty story too where Pattinson portrays a big scumbag with good results and some funny moments.

  6. João Luís Ribeiro's rating of the film Good Time

  7. Hermann A. RG's rating of the film Good Time

    it is the best performance of Robert

  8. martaag's rating of the film Good Time

    Intenso. Tinha saudades de algo deste género.

  9. DimasRimbaud's rating of the film Good Time

  10. mávros skýlos's rating of the film Good Time

    so.. 3 stars for colours and nice music

  11. Eddie Rinctoya's rating of the film Good Time

  12. gaussian's rating of the film Good Time

  13. aliasgenius's rating of the film Good Time

    Bleak, harsh, gonna take something out of you. 3.5/5

  14. Mr.Rager's rating of the film Good Time

    A weirdo but in a positive way. This film didn't make his impact because of a well-structured script but with an impressive cinematography and a great soundtrack used perfect in a chaotic chain of events. Pattinson is the pure and the damned. Who the fuck are those Safdie brothers!? I had a GOOD TIME watching this. 7.25/10

  15. Matt Richards's rating of the film Good Time

    BOOM!! An absolute amoral firecracker!! Good Time is down and dirty but never bleak. It's thumping heart, punk photography, superb performances and bold soundtrack keep the momentum and action pummelling from start to finish. 4.5 stars

  16. NCMBianchi's rating of the film Good Time

    [More like 4.5] I'm having a hard time trying to give my opinion - not an illustrious one - about this Safdie brothers' movie: it's a movie of thorough experimentation, with elements that can be recognized in other directors' works (the use of pounding music as in Refn; the heavy use of a tight hand-held camera as in early Fincher; mostly diegetic lights as in Von Trier and Dogma95, but crazier) yet very original.

  17. David Zimmerman's rating of the film Good Time

  18. knockkneed's rating of the film Good Time

    a genre I don't care for, tackled with such impressive technique

  19. TZUHSIEN TANG's rating of the film Good Time

  20. Theolini's rating of the film Good Time

    A bit overrated but the the sense of urgency here carries a strong punch.

  21. Paolo Utili's rating of the film Good Time

  22. Adam GR's rating of the film Good Time

    Gritty and technicolor, assured direction by the Safdie bros. Benny Safdie also turns in a mysterious performance, so strangely linked to this story. Robert Pattinson charges on dilated autopilot. Classic Jennifer Jason Leigh being hilarious. Taliah Webster is a standout, and the true reveal of character lies in that betrayal. Good music, credits, casting, scouting.

  23. Duarte Ferreira's rating of the film Good Time

    An acid trip that never lets up, that keeps thew viewer in a trancelike state throughout the entirety of the film's runtime. This is a movie where the direction, the script, the actors, the visuals, the soundtrack, all of it comes together to form a drug-induced, neon feverdream that just feels fresh and unique. I should have watched it when it came out. Better late than never, I guess.

  24. THE APOLL0's rating of the film Good Time

    Follows the point of view of the criminal mentality without romanticizing it; something Hollywood usually does, as they identify with exploitation more often than not. Additionally interesting because the film recognizes that contrary to some conceptions a true criminal is not a rebel. The true criminal has to intention of changing the structure of things, they desire to move and work within them to their advantage.

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