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  1. Photo of Veronika Franz

    Veronika Franz Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Severin Fiala

    Severin Fiala Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Susanne Wuest

    Susanne Wuest Cast

  4. Photo of Elias Schwarz

    Elias Schwarz Cast

  5. Photo of Lukas Schwarz

    Lukas Schwarz Cast

  6. Photo of Martin Gschlacht

    Martin Gschlacht Cinematography

  7. Photo of Olga Neuwirth

    Olga Neuwirth Music

  8. Photo of Hubert Klausner

    Hubert Klausner Production Design

  9. Photo of Johannes Salat

    Johannes Salat Production Design

  10. Photo of Ulrich Seidl

    Ulrich Seidl Producer

  11. Photo of Louis Oellerer

    Louis Oellerer Executive Producer

  12. Photo of Michael Palm

    Michael Palm Editing

  13. Photo of Matz Müller

    Matz Müller Sound

  14. Photo of Tobias Fleig

    Tobias Fleig Sound

  15. Photo of Erik Mischijew

    Erik Mischijew Sound