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  1. Photo of Edgar Wallace

    Edgar Wallace Screenplay

  2. Photo of Alfred Vohrer

    Alfred Vohrer Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Horst Tappert

    Horst Tappert Cast

  4. Photo of Uschi Glas

    Uschi Glas Cast

  5. Photo of Uwe Friedrichsen

    Uwe Friedrichsen Cast

  6. Photo of Hubert von Meyerinck

    Hubert von Meyerinck Cast

  7. Photo of Herbert Fux

    Herbert Fux Cast

  8. Photo of Inge Langen

    Inge Langen Cast

  9. Photo of Albert Lieven

    Albert Lieven Cast

  10. Photo of Ilse Pagé

    Ilse Pagé Cast

  11. Photo of Hilde Sessak

    Hilde Sessak Cast

  12. Photo of Ralf Schermuly

    Ralf Schermuly Cast

  13. Photo of Maria Litto

    Maria Litto Cast

  14. Photo of Claus Holm

    Claus Holm Cast

  15. Photo of Franz-Otto Krüger

    Franz-Otto Krüger Cast

  16. Photo of Catana Cayetano

    Catana Cayetano Cast

  17. Photo of Karl Löb

    Karl Löb Cinematography

  18. Photo of Peter Thomas

    Peter Thomas Music

  19. Photo of Walter Kutz

    Walter Kutz Production Design

  20. Photo of Wilhelm Vorwerg

    Wilhelm Vorwerg Production Design

  21. Photo of Horst Wendlandt

    Horst Wendlandt Producer and Screenplay

  22. Photo of Jutta Hering

    Jutta Hering Editing