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  1. Photo of Sharon Lockhart

    Sharon Lockhart Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Naomi Hasegawa

    Naomi Hasegawa Self

  3. Photo of Eri Hashimoto

    Eri Hashimoto Self

  4. Photo of Emi Ishida

    Emi Ishida Self

  5. Photo of Yuka Ishigami

    Yuka Ishigami Self

  6. Photo of Yuki Kasami

    Yuki Kasami Self

  7. Photo of Eri Kinoshita

    Eri Kinoshita Self

  8. Photo of Eri Kobayashi

    Eri Kobayashi Self

  9. Photo of Yuka Koishihara

    Yuka Koishihara Self

  10. Photo of Marie Komuro

    Marie Komuro Self

  11. Photo of Kumiko Kotake

    Kumiko Kotake Self

  12. Photo of Chika Matsuda

    Chika Matsuda Self

  13. Photo of Yoriko Matsufuji

    Yoriko Matsufuji Self

  14. Photo of Yuriko Matsuyama

    Yuriko Matsuyama Self

  15. Photo of Keiko Misaizu

    Keiko Misaizu Self

  16. Photo of Sayaka Miyamoto

    Sayaka Miyamoto Self

  17. Photo of Kumi Nannjo

    Kumi Nannjo Self

  18. Photo of Chinatsu Narui

    Chinatsu Narui Self

  19. Photo of Chihiro Nashijma

    Chihiro Nashijma Self

  20. Photo of Sayaka Nozaki

    Sayaka Nozaki Self

  21. Photo of Rie Ouchi

    Rie Ouchi Self

  22. Photo of Ayako Sano

    Ayako Sano Self

  23. Photo of Hitomi Shibazaki

    Hitomi Shibazaki Self

  24. Photo of Atsuko Shinkai

    Atsuko Shinkai Self

  25. Photo of Kumiko Shirai

    Kumiko Shirai Self

  26. Photo of Tatsuo Suzuki

    Tatsuo Suzuki Cinematography

  27. Photo of Michael Webster

    Michael Webster Music

  28. Photo of Roderick Donahue

    Roderick Donahue Editing

  29. Photo of Josh Turner

    Josh Turner Sound

  30. Photo of Tetsuo Segawa

    Tetsuo Segawa Sound

  31. Photo of Miho Arai

    Miho Arai Costume Design