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  1. Photo of Gen Takahashi

    Gen Takahashi Director

  2. Photo of Gram

    Gram Screenplay

  3. Photo of Otsuichi

    Otsuichi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Kanata Hongo

    Kanata Hongo Cast

  5. Photo of Toshinobu Matsuo

    Toshinobu Matsuo Cast

  6. Photo of Rin Takanashi

    Rin Takanashi Cast

  7. Photo of Kunihiko Ida

    Kunihiko Ida Cast

  8. Photo of Mika Kamiya

    Mika Kamiya Cast

  9. Photo of Chika Kumagai

    Chika Kumagai Cast

  10. Photo of Keishi Nagatsuka

    Keishi Nagatsuka Cast

  11. Photo of Maari

    Maari Cast

  12. Photo of Sôtarô

    Sôtarô Cast

  13. Photo of Miyu Yagyu

    Miyu Yagyu Cast

  14. Photo of Sô Yamanaka

    Sô Yamanaka Cast

  15. Photo of Kyosuke Ueno

    Kyosuke Ueno Producer