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  1. Photo of Jacques Becker

    Jacques Becker Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Pierre Véry

    Pierre Véry Screenplay

  3. Photo of Charles Méré

    Charles Méré Producer

  4. Photo of Jean Alfaro

    Jean Alfaro Music

  5. Photo of Jean Bourgoin

    Jean Bourgoin Cinematography

  6. Photo of Marguerite Renoir

    Marguerite Renoir Editing

  7. Photo of Pierre Marquet

    Pierre Marquet Production Design

  8. Photo of Robert Ivonnet

    Robert Ivonnet Sound

  9. Photo of Fernand Ledoux

    Fernand Ledoux Cast

  10. Photo of Georges Rollin

    Georges Rollin Cast

  11. Photo of Blanchette Brunoy

    Blanchette Brunoy Cast

  12. Photo of Arthur Devère

    Arthur Devère Cast

  13. Photo of Germaine Kerjean

    Germaine Kerjean Cast

  14. Photo of Maurice Schutz

    Maurice Schutz Cast

  15. Photo of Marcel Pérès

    Marcel Pérès Cast

  16. Photo of Albert Remy

    Albert Remy Cast

  17. Photo of Marcelle Hainia

    Marcelle Hainia Cast

  18. Photo of Louis Seigner

    Louis Seigner Cast

  19. Photo of Pierre Labry

    Pierre Labry Cast

  20. Photo of Guy Favières

    Guy Favières Cast

  21. Photo of Line Noro

    Line Noro Cast

  22. Photo of René Génin

    René Génin Cast

  23. Photo of Robert Le Vigan

    Robert Le Vigan Cast

  24. Photo of Georges-François Frontec

    Georges-François Frontec Cast

  25. Photo of Maurice Marceau

    Maurice Marceau Cast