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  1. Photo of Konrad Wolf

    Konrad Wolf Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Angel Wagenstein

    Angel Wagenstein Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lion Feuchtwanger

    Lion Feuchtwanger Screenplay

  4. Photo of Donatas Banionis

    Donatas Banionis Cast

  5. Photo of Olivera Katarina

    Olivera Katarina Cast

  6. Photo of Fred Düren

    Fred Düren Cast

  7. Photo of Tatyana Lolova

    Tatyana Lolova Cast

  8. Photo of Rolf Hoppe

    Rolf Hoppe Cast

  9. Photo of Mieczysław Voit

    Mieczysław Voit Cast

  10. Photo of Mikhail Kozakov

    Mikhail Kozakov Cast

  11. Photo of Arno Wyzniewski

    Arno Wyzniewski Cast

  12. Photo of Lyudmila Chursina

    Lyudmila Chursina Cast

  13. Photo of Veriko Anjaparidze

    Veriko Anjaparidze Cast

  14. Photo of Ariadna Shengelaya

    Ariadna Shengelaya Cast

  15. Photo of Gustaw Holoubek

    Gustaw Holoubek Cast

  16. Photo of Ernst Busch

    Ernst Busch Cast

  17. Photo of Petar Slabakov

    Petar Slabakov Cast

  18. Photo of Igor Vasilyev

    Igor Vasilyev Cast

  19. Photo of Wolfgang Kieling

    Wolfgang Kieling Cast

  20. Photo of Irén Sütö

    Irén Sütö Cast

  21. Photo of Andrzej Szalawski

    Andrzej Szalawski Cast

  22. Photo of Martin Flörchinger

    Martin Flörchinger Cast

  23. Photo of Carmen Herold

    Carmen Herold Cast

  24. Photo of Nunuta Hodos

    Nunuta Hodos Cast

  25. Photo of Predrag 'Preža' Milinković

    Predrag 'Preža' Milinković Cast

  26. Photo of M. Rosario

    M. Rosario Cast

  27. Photo of Günter Schubert

    Günter Schubert Cast

  28. Photo of Werner Bergmann

    Werner Bergmann Cinematography

  29. Photo of Konstantin Ryzhov

    Konstantin Ryzhov Cinematography

  30. Photo of Faradzh Karayev

    Faradzh Karayev Music

  31. Photo of Qara Qarayev

    Qara Qarayev Music

  32. Photo of Alfred Hirschmeier

    Alfred Hirschmeier Production Design

  33. Photo of Valeri Yurkevich

    Valeri Yurkevich Production Design

  34. Photo of Aleksandra Borovskaya

    Aleksandra Borovskaya Editing