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  1. Photo of Benito Perojo

    Benito Perojo Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Fernando Periquet

    Fernando Periquet Screenplay

  3. Photo of Antonio Quintero

    Antonio Quintero Screenplay

  4. Photo of Luis de Vargas

    Luis de Vargas Screenplay

  5. Photo of Imperio Argentina

    Imperio Argentina Cast

  6. Photo of Xan das Bolas

    Xan das Bolas Cast

  7. Photo of Armando Calvo

    Armando Calvo Cast

  8. Photo of Juan Calvo

    Juan Calvo Cast

  9. Photo of Antonio Casas

    Antonio Casas Cast

  10. Photo of Marta Flores

    Marta Flores Cast

  11. Photo of Ramón Martori

    Ramón Martori Cast

  12. Photo of Manolo Morán

    Manolo Morán Cast

  13. Photo of Manuel Requena

    Manuel Requena Cast

  14. Photo of Rafael Rivelles

    Rafael Rivelles Cast

  15. Photo of Michel Kelber

    Michel Kelber Cinematography

  16. Photo of Cecilio Paniagua

    Cecilio Paniagua Cinematography

  17. Photo of Enrique Granados

    Enrique Granados Music

  18. Photo of José Muñoz Molleda

    José Muñoz Molleda Music

  19. Photo of Sigfrido Burmann

    Sigfrido Burmann Production Design