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  1. Photo of Allison Anders

    Allison Anders Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ruth Charny

    Ruth Charny Producer

  3. Photo of Daniel Hassid

    Daniel Hassid Producer

  4. Photo of Martin Scorsese

    Martin Scorsese Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Larry Klein

    Larry Klein Music

  6. Photo of Jean-Yves Escoffier

    Jean-Yves Escoffier Cinematography

  7. Photo of James Y. Kwei

    James Y. Kwei Editing

  8. Photo of Harvey Rosenstock

    Harvey Rosenstock Editing

  9. Photo of Thelma Schoonmaker

    Thelma Schoonmaker Editing

  10. Photo of François Séguin

    François Séguin Production Design

  11. Photo of Illeana Douglas

    Illeana Douglas Cast

  12. Photo of Matt Dillon

    Matt Dillon Cast

  13. Photo of John Turturro

    John Turturro Cast

  14. Photo of Eric Stoltz

    Eric Stoltz Cast

  15. Photo of Bruce Davison

    Bruce Davison Cast

  16. Photo of Patsy Kensit

    Patsy Kensit Cast

  17. Photo of Jennifer Leigh Warren

    Jennifer Leigh Warren Cast

  18. Photo of Bridget Fonda

    Bridget Fonda Cast

  19. Photo of Jill Sobule

    Jill Sobule Cast

  20. Photo of Tracy Vilar

    Tracy Vilar Cast

  21. Photo of Chris Isaak

    Chris Isaak Cast

  22. Photo of Lucinda Jenney

    Lucinda Jenney Cast

  23. Photo of J Mascis

    J Mascis Cast

  24. Photo of Shawn Colvin

    Shawn Colvin Cast

  25. Photo of Peter Fonda

    Peter Fonda Cast