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  1. Photo of Anne Marisse

    Anne Marisse Screenplay

  2. Photo of Christopher George

    Christopher George Cast

  3. Photo of Linnea Quigley

    Linnea Quigley Cast

  4. Photo of Patch Mackenzie

    Patch Mackenzie Cast

  5. Photo of Denise Cheshire

    Denise Cheshire Cast

  6. Photo of Vanna White

    Vanna White Cast

  7. Photo of Carmen Argenziano

    Carmen Argenziano Cast

  8. Photo of Daniel Yarussi

    Daniel Yarussi Cinematography

  9. Photo of Arthur Kempel

    Arthur Kempel Music

  10. Photo of Chris Henry

    Chris Henry Production Design

  11. Photo of Herb Freed

    Herb Freed Producer, Director Screenplay

  12. Photo of David Baughn

    David Baughn Producer and Screenplay

  13. Photo of Hal Schwartz

    Hal Schwartz Producer

  14. Photo of Martin Jay Sadoff

    Martin Jay Sadoff Editing

  15. Photo of Paul Leimbach

    Paul Leimbach Sound

  16. Photo of Darryl Linkow

    Darryl Linkow Sound