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  1. Photo of Fred C. Newmeyer

    Fred C. Newmeyer Director

  2. Photo of Hal Roach

    Hal Roach Screenplay, Producer

  3. Photo of Sam Taylor

    Sam Taylor Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jean C. Havez

    Jean C. Havez Screenplay

  5. Photo of Thomas J. Crizer

    Thomas J. Crizer Screenplay

  6. Photo of Walter Lundin

    Walter Lundin Cinematography

  7. Photo of Don Hulette

    Don Hulette Music

  8. Photo of Robert Israel

    Robert Israel Music

  9. Photo of Jeffrey Vance

    Jeffrey Vance Producer

  10. Photo of Harold Lloyd

    Harold Lloyd Cast, Screenplay

  11. Photo of Mildred Davis

    Mildred Davis Cast

  12. Photo of Anna Townsend

    Anna Townsend Cast

  13. Photo of Charles Stevenson

    Charles Stevenson Cast

  14. Photo of Dick Sutherland

    Dick Sutherland Cast