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  1. Photo of Dino Risi

    Dino Risi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Pasquale Festa Campanile

    Pasquale Festa Campanile Screenplay

  3. Photo of Massimo Franciosa

    Massimo Franciosa Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ettore Giannini

    Ettore Giannini Screenplay

  5. Photo of Sylva Koscina

    Sylva Koscina Cast

  6. Photo of Dolores Palumbo

    Dolores Palumbo Cast

  7. Photo of Tina Pica

    Tina Pica Cast

  8. Photo of Renato Salvatori

    Renato Salvatori Cast

  9. Photo of Paolo Stoppa

    Paolo Stoppa Cast

  10. Photo of Renato Rascel

    Renato Rascel Cast

  11. Photo of Mara Maryl

    Mara Maryl Cast

  12. Photo of Peppino De Filippo

    Peppino De Filippo Cast

  13. Photo of Agnese De Angelis

    Agnese De Angelis Cast

  14. Photo of Rossella Como

    Rossella Como Cast

  15. Photo of Mimo Billi

    Mimo Billi Cast

  16. Photo of Mario Ambrosino

    Mario Ambrosino Cast

  17. Photo of Liana Ferri

    Liana Ferri Cast

  18. Photo of Eugenio Galadini

    Eugenio Galadini Cast

  19. Photo of Gorella Gori

    Gorella Gori Cast

  20. Photo of Edoardo Guerrera

    Edoardo Guerrera Cast

  21. Photo of Fausto Guerzoni

    Fausto Guerzoni Cast

  22. Photo of Gina Mascetti

    Gina Mascetti Cast

  23. Photo of Tonino Delli Colli

    Tonino Delli Colli Cinematography

  24. Photo of Michele Cozzoli

    Michele Cozzoli Music

  25. Photo of Piero Filippone

    Piero Filippone Production Design

  26. Photo of Silvio Clementelli

    Silvio Clementelli Producer

  27. Photo of Mario Serandrei

    Mario Serandrei Editing