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Ratings & Reviews

  1. remora's rating of the film Gratian

    One top of the hill, along the road I saw two flowers on a field/ but they weren’t flowers, it was the eyes of a wolf./ Woe betides the man who sins, no salvation is in sight,/ ‘cause his mother cursed him and gave him to Satan./ So it is said./ One night she spoke these words:/ suck my baby, suck my breast, let the wolves suck out your blood as you do my breast./ Shall your eyes resemble those of a wolf.

  2. inquisita's rating of the film Gratian

    3,5 Gratian is what any microsociety covets: a palpable, handy absorbent of supernatural fright and bad luck of ‘laboratores’, a sponge for instability and factual non sequiturs, bactericide receptacle of all stuff reprobate and metahuman. He lives of the fear and consternation he inspires, resigned and rather proud of his homeostatic, extremes-evening role, praised even by the priest who’s content with parishioners'