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  1. Photo of Marcus H. Rosenmüller

    Marcus H. Rosenmüller Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Christian Lerch

    Christian Lerch Screenplay

  3. Photo of Markus Krojer

    Markus Krojer Cast

  4. Photo of Fritz Karl

    Fritz Karl Cast

  5. Photo of Jürgen Tonkel

    Jürgen Tonkel Cast

  6. Photo of Jule Ronstedt

    Jule Ronstedt Cast

  7. Photo of Saskia Vester

    Saskia Vester Cast

  8. Photo of Hans Schuler

    Hans Schuler Cast

  9. Photo of Sepp Schauer

    Sepp Schauer Cast

  10. Photo of Heinz Josef Braun

    Heinz Josef Braun Cast

  11. Photo of Tim Seyfi

    Tim Seyfi Cast

  12. Photo of Franz Xaver Brückner

    Franz Xaver Brückner Cast

  13. Photo of Pia Lautenbacher

    Pia Lautenbacher Cast

  14. Photo of Konstantin Wecker

    Konstantin Wecker Cast

  15. Photo of Gerd Baumann

    Gerd Baumann Cast and Music

  16. Photo of Stefan Biebl

    Stefan Biebl Cinematography

  17. Photo of Michael Köning

    Michael Köning Production Design

  18. Photo of Annie Brunner

    Annie Brunner Producer

  19. Photo of Andreas Richter

    Andreas Richter Producer

  20. Photo of Ursula Wörner

    Ursula Wörner Producer

  21. Photo of Susanne Hartmann

    Susanne Hartmann Editing

  22. Photo of Anja Pohl

    Anja Pohl Editing

  23. Photo of Frank Hoyer

    Frank Hoyer Sound

  24. Photo of Peter Kovarik

    Peter Kovarik Sound

  25. Photo of Steffi Bruhn

    Steffi Bruhn Costume Design