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  1. Photo of Isao Takahata

    Isao Takahata Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Toru Hara

    Toru Hara Producer

  3. Photo of Nobuo Koyama

    Nobuo Koyama Cinematography

  4. Photo of Akiyuki Nosaka

    Akiyuki Nosaka Screenplay

  5. Photo of Tsutomu Tatsumi

    Tsutomu Tatsumi Cast

  6. Photo of Ayano Shiraishi

    Ayano Shiraishi Cast

  7. Photo of Yoshiko Shinohara

    Yoshiko Shinohara Cast

  8. Photo of Akemi Yamaguchi

    Akemi Yamaguchi Cast

  9. Photo of Michio Mamiya

    Michio Mamiya Music

  10. Photo of Takeshi Seyama

    Takeshi Seyama Editing

  11. Photo of Ryoichi Sato

    Ryoichi Sato Production Design and Executive Producer

  12. Photo of Noriyoshi Oohira

    Noriyoshi Oohira Sound

  13. Photo of Hisanori Ooshiro

    Hisanori Ooshiro Sound

  14. Photo of Yasuo Uragami

    Yasuo Uragami Sound

  15. Photo of Hideaki Anno

    Hideaki Anno Animation

  16. Photo of Yoshiyuki Hane

    Yoshiyuki Hane Animation

  17. Photo of Iku Ishiguro

    Iku Ishiguro Animation

  18. Photo of Kuniyuki Ishii

    Kuniyuki Ishii Animation

  19. Photo of Megumi Kagawa

    Megumi Kagawa Animation

  20. Photo of Hideo Kawauchi

    Hideo Kawauchi Animation

  21. Photo of Masuji Kigami

    Masuji Kigami Animation

  22. Photo of Yoshifumi Kondô

    Yoshifumi Kondô Animation

  23. Photo of Kitaro Kosaka

    Kitaro Kosaka Animation

  24. Photo of Noriko Moritomo

    Noriko Moritomo Animation

  25. Photo of Hiroshi Ogawa

    Hiroshi Ogawa Animation

  26. Photo of Toshiyasu Okada

    Toshiyasu Okada Animation

  27. Photo of Reiko Okuyama

    Reiko Okuyama Animation

  28. Photo of Shunji Saida

    Shunji Saida Animation

  29. Photo of Akio Sakai

    Akio Sakai Animation

  30. Photo of Michiyo Sakurai

    Michiyo Sakurai Animation

  31. Photo of Noboru Takano

    Noboru Takano Animation

  32. Photo of Yasuomi Umetsu

    Yasuomi Umetsu Animation

  33. Photo of Shôjurô Yamauchi

    Shôjurô Yamauchi Animation

  34. Photo of Atsuko Ôtani

    Atsuko Ôtani Animation

  35. Photo of Noriko Ôzeki

    Noriko Ôzeki Animation