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  1. Photo of Julia Ducournau

    Julia Ducournau Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Rabah Nait Oufella

    Rabah Nait Oufella Cast

  3. Photo of Ella Rumpf

    Ella Rumpf Cast

  4. Photo of Garance Marillier

    Garance Marillier Cast

  5. Photo of Laurent Lucas

    Laurent Lucas Cast

  6. Photo of Joana Preiss

    Joana Preiss Cast

  7. Photo of Bouli Lanners

    Bouli Lanners Cast

  8. Photo of Marion Vernoux

    Marion Vernoux Cast

  9. Photo of Thomas Mustin

    Thomas Mustin Cast

  10. Photo of Jean-Louis Sbille

    Jean-Louis Sbille Cast

  11. Photo of Julianne Binard

    Julianne Binard Cast

  12. Photo of Ruben Impens

    Ruben Impens Cinematography

  13. Photo of Jim Williams

    Jim Williams Music

  14. Photo of Guillaume Baurez

    Guillaume Baurez Music

  15. Photo of Martin Caraux

    Martin Caraux Music

  16. Photo of Laurie Colson

    Laurie Colson Production Design

  17. Photo of Jean des Forêts

    Jean des Forêts Producer

  18. Photo of Julie Gayet

    Julie Gayet Producer

  19. Photo of Philippe Logie

    Philippe Logie Producer

  20. Photo of Jean-Yves Roubin

    Jean-Yves Roubin Producer

  21. Photo of Antoun Sehnaoui

    Antoun Sehnaoui Producer

  22. Photo of Nadia Turincev

    Nadia Turincev Producer

  23. Photo of Cassandre Warnauts

    Cassandre Warnauts Producer

  24. Photo of Jean-Christophe Bouzy

    Jean-Christophe Bouzy Editing

  25. Photo of Mathieu Descamps

    Mathieu Descamps Sound

  26. Photo of Céline Bernard

    Céline Bernard Sound

  27. Photo of Stéphane Thiébaut

    Stéphane Thiébaut Sound

  28. Photo of Séverin Favriau

    Séverin Favriau Sound

  29. Photo of Nicolas Mas

    Nicolas Mas Sound

  30. Photo of Roy Samuelson

    Roy Samuelson Sound

  31. Photo of Olivier Voisin

    Olivier Voisin Sound and Music

  32. Photo of Elise Ancion

    Elise Ancion Costume Design

  33. Photo of Ingrid de Ribaucourt

    Ingrid de Ribaucourt Art Department

  34. Photo of Martin Moulron

    Martin Moulron Art Department

  35. Photo of Gaël Durant

    Gaël Durant Visual Effects

  36. Photo of Philippe Frère

    Philippe Frère Visual Effects