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  1. Paolo Utili's rating of the film Raw

    3.5 vicino anche a 4 stelle

  2. Emily Carrasco's rating of the film Raw

    okay first of all I don't support cannibalism BUT this movie should have won some awards because it was so good, thank you Julia for my life (not my appetite though)

  3. Duarte Ferreira's rating of the film Raw

    This has got to be one of the most unconfortable movie viewing experiences of my life. A unique mashup of the "coming-of-age" narrative with some seriously messed up imagery, along with a masterful performance by Garance Marillier. Killer soundtrack as well.

  4. abunchoffilms's rating of the film Raw

    Alongside Get Out, This film stands on its own two legs as the sharpest social thriller of the year. It's a hell of debut; one of the best of the decade. The ripping exploration of the few central themes brings the narrative together while leaving you with stuff to chew on and unpack. Bonus, the cinematography is fantastic!

  5. Mtume Gant's rating of the film Raw

    It just lacked that next gear. It had so many moments it could have filled with more terror instead they went with simplified plotting things. I like this director though, just want her to go all the way and don’t give a fuck.

  6. bryanvmh's rating of the film Raw

  7. Daniela Saucedo Garza's rating of the film Raw

    Damn, I loved this film. And it left me starving!

  8. RumbleFish's rating of the film Raw

    Surreale ma inquietante, io l'avrei reso ancora più surreale e meno "dark", dovrebbe fare scuola riguardo l'inutilità delle giusticazioni riguardo la trama, una delle cose più noiose del cinema moderno.

  9. Tibulle85's rating of the film Raw

    (Vukekpars/leweb) Rétro horreur 2017 suite! Bijou de film de genre français, ce "Grave" dispense une horreur organique à base de sévices corporels et de sexualité déviante (âmes sensibles s'abstenir). Le bizutage est brillamment exploité, esthétiquemt et narrativemt. Des pastilles surréalistes rappellent le très bon "Amer". Seul le contexte familial plutôt incohérent nécessitera une "suspension de l'incrédulité".

  10. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Raw

    I've always suspected this vegetarian thing of being unhealthy. Recommended.

  11. Ege Okal's rating of the film Raw

    The director does not know the genre she is dealing with. Also, Marquis de Sade, Levi-Strauss, Sexual Politics of Meat references are used haphazardly. Meh

  12. cloberg's rating of the film Raw

    what a hype, but so disappointing... A few moments of visual pleasure, and an interesting actress (who never really take off on screen although she is called to) but the movie overall is a let down.

  13. Paula Rocha's rating of the film Raw

  14. Clat's rating of the film Raw

  15. aliasgenius's rating of the film Raw

    3.5/5 Full marks for being horrifying. Whew.

  16. msmichel's rating of the film Raw

    French horror genre cinema has had a renaissance of sorts over the last 15 years with films like 'Inside', "Haute Tension', 'Martyrs' and 'In Their Skin'. 'Raw' comes with a similar but unwarranted reputation that feels much more provocation than transgressive cinema. A good calling card for the director and a couple of amazing performances from Garance Marillier and Ella Rumpf but as a whole the film falters.

  17. Zach Closs's rating of the film Raw

    Youth culture — its urges, perils, and emptiness — as a Lynchian nightmare, with a dollop of Cronenberg’s body horror. Julia Ducournau’s incisive examination of the shit society heaps at the feet of unprepared young women is more insightful than any straight coming-of-age drama in recent memory. Guided by powerful work from the young Garance Marillier and an eclectic score. The ending had me yelling in shock.

  18. Henrique Amud's rating of the film Raw

    I'm in love with everything and everyone in this film. Docurnau and Marillier, yes, but also Rumpf, Oufella and Impens cinematography. It is nothing like I excpected and it was amazing. Is it weird to call this one of the sexiest films I've ever watched?

  19. Emile Tremblay's rating of the film Raw

  20. rllr's rating of the film Raw

    [upbeat music playing] Sorority life is the most boring life you can use for a story. [/cell phone vibrating]

  21. horsesholidayclub's rating of the film Raw

  22. Beatriz Félix's rating of the film Raw

    predictable plot really got me losing interest too soon, too much nasty scenes that were just that also bored me. It was ok as far as cannibalism themed pictures can go I guess, not my cup of tea

  23. vxpl's rating of the film Raw

    immediately fell in love with garance and forgot how to think objectively

  24. thelastronaut's rating of the film Raw

    A feast for flesh for a first feature! Ducournau is so assured in this film, and what a gift she gives us. I look forward to devouring any further work of hers. Nothing thrilled my bones this year like this film! Simply scrumptious!

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