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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Diderot's rating of the film Gray's Anatomy

    He's a captivating guy, and Soderbergh does just enough to keep a talking head monologue not uninteresting to watch.

  2. nrh's rating of the film Gray's Anatomy

    A deeply searching work from Soderbergh, at a time when his career was at a low ebb. Perhaps trying to attain some of the sense of visual disorientation associated with Gray's early work with the Wooster Group, what we end up losing is a sense of weight, a sense of rhythm. Better than the tone deaf Broomfeld, not as open as the brilliant Demme, redeemed by the brilliant "And Everything is Going Fine."

  3. Whyte Nite's rating of the film Gray's Anatomy

    I saw this on a whim and for the first five minutes I found myself thinking "Why am I watching an hour and twenty minutes of a guy talking? He isn't even a comic!". Well, by the ending credits, I was officially a Spalding Gray fan.

  4. Andre Rehal's rating of the film Gray's Anatomy

    This was my first experience with Spalding Gray and I enjoyed it. The main reason I watched it was because Soderbergh directed it. The interesting visual style gave more impact to Gray's monologue/performance style.

  5. Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film Gray's Anatomy

    Stephen Soderbergh directed this adaptation of Spalding Gray's monologue about his own eye condition and subsequent quest for a cure into a facsinating one man show that takes us inside Gray's peculiar and neurotic work. Soderbergh manages to turn a monolgue into a riveting hour and a half of cinema, and leaves us hanging on Gray's every word. An impressive feat indeed.

  6. D/R/W's rating of the film Gray's Anatomy

    I just picked this up! I've seen it probably 3 times before via Youtube, but I'm so excited to stick it into my HD tv and see it light up! Gray is one of my person heroes, and this film is the best combination of his monologue technique and Soderbergh's inventive visuals. 10/10 I fuckin' love it!