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  1. Photo of Richard Pryor

    Richard Pryor Cast

  2. Photo of Beau Bridges

    Beau Bridges Cast

  3. Photo of Pam Grier

    Pam Grier Cast

  4. Photo of Cleavon Little

    Cleavon Little Cast

  5. Photo of Vincent Gardenia

    Vincent Gardenia Cast

  6. Photo of Richie Havens

    Richie Havens Cast

  7. Photo of Julian Bond

    Julian Bond Cast

  8. Photo of Earl Hindman

    Earl Hindman Cast

  9. Photo of Minnie Gentry

    Minnie Gentry Cast

  10. Photo of Lucy Saroyan

    Lucy Saroyan Cast

  11. Photo of Noble Willingham

    Noble Willingham Cast

  12. Photo of Bill Cobbs

    Bill Cobbs Cast

  13. Photo of Georgia Allen

    Georgia Allen Cast

  14. Photo of Michael Schultz

    Michael Schultz Director