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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Great Freedom No. 7

    Excellente prestation de l'incontournable Hans Albers, aux mélopées marines et viriles bienvenues, pour une oeuvre discrètement émouvante, faussement mélodramatiques, tournée en pleine Seconde Guerre Mondiale, fort mal perçue par Goebbels qui finit par interdire la projection sur le territoire allemand...

  2. Ciprian David's rating of the film Great Freedom No. 7

    At some point, Paloma lies on the couch, an a sleazy POV camera avances towards her. Hans Albers' eyes glow with desire. Then he stumbles upon the belongings of his deceased brother, former lover of Paloma. Probably not the best Käutner to start with, but a great sleaze show.

  3. Otie Wheeler's rating of the film Great Freedom No. 7

    Nazi Germany, 1944. Helmut Kaütner makes a film in Agfacolor & calls it, improbably, Great Freedom #7. Warships in Hamburg harbor are covered up. The war's nowhere to be seen; what matters now is the impossible, the inexorable, the what comes next. Heads stare out through chandeliers or only eyeballs are lit. When Hannes leaves Anita, it's great as anything in Fassbinder; hell, it IS Fassbinder. A miracle of cinema.