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  1. Photo of Anno Saul

    Anno Saul Director

  2. Photo of Swenja Karsten

    Swenja Karsten Screenplay

  3. Photo of Heiner Stegelmann

    Heiner Stegelmann Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Kirsten Ellerbrake

    Kirsten Ellerbrake Producer

  5. Photo of Jutta Lieck

    Jutta Lieck Producer

  6. Photo of Katharina M. Trebitsch

    Katharina M. Trebitsch Producer

  7. Photo of Gero Steffen

    Gero Steffen Cinematography

  8. Photo of Ingrid Broszat

    Ingrid Broszat Editing

  9. Photo of Marcel Barsotti

    Marcel Barsotti Music

  10. Photo of Börries Hahn-Hoffmann

    Börries Hahn-Hoffmann Production Design

  11. Photo of Philip Ulikowski

    Philip Ulikowski Sound

  12. Photo of Tatjana Trieb

    Tatjana Trieb Cast

  13. Photo of Robert Gwisdek

    Robert Gwisdek Cast

  14. Photo of Martina Gedeck

    Martina Gedeck Cast

  15. Photo of Ulrich Noethen

    Ulrich Noethen Cast

  16. Photo of Heino Ferch

    Heino Ferch Cast

  17. Photo of Deborah Schubert

    Deborah Schubert Cast

  18. Photo of Michael Hanemann

    Michael Hanemann Cast

  19. Photo of Feo Aladag

    Feo Aladag Cast

  20. Photo of Stefanie Richter

    Stefanie Richter Cast

  21. Photo of Corinna Harfouch

    Corinna Harfouch Cast

  22. Photo of Karin Gregorek

    Karin Gregorek Cast

  23. Photo of Maximilian Häusler

    Maximilian Häusler Cast

  24. Photo of Barry Gordon

    Barry Gordon Cast

  25. Photo of Gina Friedrichs

    Gina Friedrichs Cast

  26. Photo of Patricia Driese

    Patricia Driese Cast

  27. Photo of Julia Palmer-Stoll

    Julia Palmer-Stoll Cast

  28. Photo of Albrecht Hummel

    Albrecht Hummel Cast

  29. Photo of Alexandra Horn

    Alexandra Horn Cast