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  1. Photo of Timothy Linh Bùi

    Timothy Linh Bùi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Patrick Swayze

    Patrick Swayze Cast

  3. Photo of Forest Whitaker

    Forest Whitaker Cast and Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Đơn Dương

    Đơn Dương Cast

  5. Photo of Lê Thị Hiệp

    Lê Thị Hiệp Cast

  6. Photo of Billinjer C. Trần

    Billinjer C. Trần Cast

  7. Photo of Kathleen Lương

    Kathleen Lương Cast

  8. Photo of Nguyễn Phước Quân

    Nguyễn Phước Quân Cast

  9. Photo of Nguyễn Long

    Nguyễn Long Cast

  10. Photo of Catherine Ai

    Catherine Ai Cast

  11. Photo of Phu Cuong

    Phu Cuong Cast

  12. Photo of Kiều Chinh

    Kiều Chinh Cast

  13. Photo of Kramer Morgenthau

    Kramer Morgenthau Cinematography

  14. Photo of Jeff Danna

    Jeff Danna Music

  15. Photo of Mychael Danna

    Mychael Danna Music

  16. Photo of Jerry Fleming

    Jerry Fleming Production Design

  17. Photo of Tony Bùi

    Tony Bùi Producer and Screenplay

  18. Photo of Elie Samaha

    Elie Samaha Producer

  19. Photo of Andrew Stevens

    Andrew Stevens Producer

  20. Photo of William B. Steakley

    William B. Steakley Producer

  21. Photo of Alison Semenza

    Alison Semenza Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Leo Trombetta

    Leo Trombetta Editing