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  1. Mtume Gant's rating of the film Green Fish

    What a debut from Korea's best filmmaker. Its like a Korean Mean Streets. The bathroom murder scene makes this a borderline masterwork 4.5

  2. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Green Fish

    "Green fish" nos presenta a un personaje del cual parece que nunca terminamos por comprender. Su camino parece haberse construído en base a las circunstancias. Su suerte (o mala suerte) se la hizo sin hacer mucho. Hay además algo que provoca este personaje. Una simpatía natural a pesar de su torpeza. Es benevolente. Chang-Dong genera brotes atractivos. Cámaras lentas, una familia dramática, muerte en la ventana.

  3. Ostermyers's rating of the film Green Fish

    more li 3,75 but whatever, I have a dream !

  4. Kelley Dong's rating of the film Green Fish

    as lee chang-dong's first film, what i can take from it is his artistic vision for the future - women with dreams thrown into a man's world, men torn apart by a national history...but being his first film, it's pretty dry and lacks the silent, focused emotional intensity of his later films, and the whole gang drama makes the plot a little messy.

  5. Zeppo's rating of the film Green Fish

  6. willythesalesman's rating of the film Green Fish

    such a sad movie, the main character's somewhat unsure search for redemption is a self-portrait of many others. great movie