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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Funda Can Çuvalcı's rating of the film Grey City

    It was nice to see the works of graffiti artists in Sao Paulo. Yet as a film, it was loosely edited and full of repetitive scenes.

  2. Duck Waters's rating of the film Grey City

    I'm glad to know the story of these artists and see their work, find out how São Paulo treats graffiti, but I think the presentation could have been tighter. Probably could be cut down by half and organized better; it felt a bit repetitive, and although I liked the window into their work scene, it dragged during the times they were just swearing at each other or complaining about dead batteries.

  3. Henk Lamers's rating of the film Grey City

    Final score: 7. Storyline: 8, Originality: 7, Cinematography: 7, Involvement: 7, Sound: 7, Editing: 7, Educational: 8, Title design: 7, Acting: 6, Interesting: 8, Unusual: 7, Exciting: 7, Superior: 7

  4. captainfez's rating of the film Grey City

    Street art seems to involve more under-tree opining than I thought I did.

  5. josemartinroldangranada's rating of the film Grey City

  6. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Grey City

    Excruciatingly long and loosely structured, Grey City quickly loses steam as it reiterates ad nauseam the main narratives, i.e. the cat-and-mouse game between graffiti artists and authorities and the lack of recognition for street art in Sao Paulo. Those who were looking for the Brazilian equivalent of Style Wars will be likely disappointed.

  7. panagiotatos's rating of the film Grey City